20 Oct 2016

GITEX 2016: Cisco and Jewel Of The Creek

(20 October 2016 / Dubai ) “Digitization impacts the way we live, work, play and learn. With data now the most strategic asset of any business or country, Middle East governments and organizations are rethinking how they approach their value propositions, business models, and infrastructure to accelerate their transformation journey.

It is against this backdrop on the 36th anniversary of GITEX that industry experts gathered to discuss how digitization will enable organizations to reap the full benefits of the Internet of Things. New digital realities are being created across multiple verticals including governments, hospitality and transport, with digitization driving innovation and empowering new efficiencies.” – by IntelligentCIO.com

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GITEX 2016: Cisco and Jewel of the Creek

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 20, 2016

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