Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding Software is part of IPERA Starling Indoor IOT Services platform.  Indoor Wayfinding (a.k.a Indoor GPS) is best utilized by larger venues including airports, hospitals, hotels & resorts, shopping malls, stadiums, theme parks and smart cities. It provides a blue-dot guest experience with turn-by-turn navigation and guidelines. The IPERA Indoor Navigation system is tightly integrated with Starling Guest Experience & Analytics platform, helping brands to promote mobile app download for better guest engagement and location based proximity marketing

Indoor Navigation Services: map digitization, map integration, point of interests and route planning, Mobile App SDK and HTML SDK integration support

Supported Digital Platforms: IOS and Android Mobile App, Digital Kiosk and Website

What is Indoor Navigation System

Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi networks to enable visitors to navigate within a venue by searching for points of interest or facilities on a digital map. The platform is compatible with both battery-powered BLE beacons and WiFi access points that have embedded BLE beacons.

How does indoor navigation work?

Indoor Navigation is a subset technology that is part of the IPERA Indoor Positioning solution that leverages IPERA Real-time Location Based Services (RTLS). Similar to Google Map, Indoor Wayfinding system is also known as Indoor GPS system relies on signal strengths from your existing WiFi and BLE network, leveraging sensors within visitors’ mobile devices.  Your guests can either download your mobile app to use the indoor wayfinding or else they can scan a QR code to navigate within browser

Map Digitization Services

Enhancing customer experience by digitizing and optimizing your indoor maps for all digital platforms for indoor spaces and indoor positioning technologies. The Map with the Software Development Kit (SDK) is hosted on multiple digital platforms including mobile App SDK, Web HTML SDK and Digital Kiosk HTML SDK

Increase App Download

Integrated with IPERA Starling Guest WiFi Management platform, we work together with your marketing team to build strategies to promote your venue app that includes Indoor Wayfinding Map SDK and proximity marketing functions

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