IPera Starling WiFi Platform

Starling, the next generation Guest WiFi Analytics, Social WiFi, Mobile Engagement and RTLS platform, name was influenced by the movement of group of Starling birds that are both agile and flexible to adapt to the changes while providing unique experience from different angles. Starling platform consist the following use-cases that helps venues to enhance digital transformation by providing seamless guest experience and enable actionable location analytics

Easy to Setup

Offer Free or Paid Guest WiFi using our Starling cloud portal. Thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure, it takes only 15 minutes to setup and get benefit by creating sleek welcome pages or splash portals.

Enhanced Guest Experience

With built-in splash portal templates or HTML5 editor, you gain ultimate flexibility to create eye-catching splash portals that encourages your customers to login with easy three steps
While your customers enjoy free WiFi, you build your contact list, prepare your key marketing messages based on demographics, age group and visit behavior and much more.

Guest Engagement

Build your digital customer engagement strategies

Communicate with them based on their interaction with your venue

Engaging Digital Communication Strategies

The role of Guest WiFi is evolving to encompass much more than mere connectivity. Organizations transform WiFi into business opportunities as the demand grows to provide free WiFi. It has created opportunities to turn WiFi into a point of guest engagement platform for businesses.

Social WiFi

While your guests enjoy secure, seamless Guest WiFi, you collect valuable guest data and demographics from social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Each time they visit your venues, you engage with them using SMS, Email, WhatsApp, App Push, or Social Engagement tools that are part of the platform.

What is Guest WiFi?

Guest WiFi is used for connecting devices to WiFi network through access points. Visitors can easily connect to free WiFi using different login options. Configured login types include guest access via one click, social media, or SMS. Users must provide ID verification to benefit from the service.
Instant access to the Internet is available with multiple packages. Guest WiFi access is granted for a limited time until the allocation expires. Supplementary paid packages are available in our premium offers.
Our user-friendly and cloud-based interface provides a number of benefits. For example, visitors can enjoy smooth Internet access at various venues ranging from offices, airports, shopping centers, and restaurants to retail stores, hotels, theme parks, stadiums, and cafés.
Uniquely designed guest WiFi experience is the perfect platform for branding and marketing solutions. Increasing demand for guest WiFi optimizes the build of digital user engagement strategies with multiple business opportunities. Welcome pages and splash portals provide users with an enhanced experience focused on specialized digital content. In addition, social engagement tools enable the collection of invaluable data from users.

How to set up a guest WiFi network?

Setting up a guest WiFi network takes almost no effort. Cloud-based WiFi solutions can be integrated to your current Internet infrastructure in about 15 minutes. It does not require additional hardware. Management of this setup takes place through an online portal which facilitates the process to a much greater extent. Visitors are provided access to a secure WiFi network using their email address or social media credentials at any time. Access points to uninterrupted guest WiFi solutions are available at multiple venues with free or paid WiFi package options.

Management platform

The cloud-based management platform enables easy navigation from any sort of device. One of the great benefits of these guest WiFi networks is the availability of different monitoring opportunities. The hotspot management platform facilitates the customization of access details such as packages, bandwidth, and data.
Guest WiFi management platform offers unique opportunities to engage with visitors via built-in WiFi marketing tools. Targeted or location-based brand marketing is key to effectively communicating with your segmented audience via combined campaigns. Marketing campaigns can be delivered through splash pages, email, SMS, or social platforms. You can generate your specially designed campaign and promote your brand in different venues. Segmentation of customers, based on available data, allows for the delivery of targeted messages.

Guest WiFi Marketing Data

Guest WiFi technology offers much more than just connecting devices. This technology has been used to create guest engagement points for various businesses.
Guest WiFi marketing tools ensure the collection of customer data based on different variables such as visit frequency, gender, age, demographics, or use of preferred devices/browsers, etc. Authenticated data, including personal data, is gathered through associated customer devices that are connected to the guest WiFi network through mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. Moreover, presence data is derived from capturing the vicinity to access points. This makes it possible to keep track of raw numbers.
Guest WiFi offers a platform for engagement rather than merely connecting devices or providing free WiFi. Deeper insights and analytics in regard to your visitors’ preferences pave the way for utilizing new business models, including sending targeted messages to your customers. Specialized visitor campaigns, either via proximity marketing SMS or WiFi e-mail, facilitate tracking of customers’ behavior and preferences.
Accordingly, you can craft optimal strategies for effective digital customer communication or engage in product placement using guest WiFi packages.

Guest WiFi Marketing Data
WiFi Analytics

WiFi Analytics

Guest WiFi access points provide real-time customer insight thanks to WiFi analytics tools. WiFi analytics will enable you to segment your audience and closely understand their interaction with venues. The platform keeps track of the data even when visitors are not connected to the WiFi network. Understanding customer behavior is of the utmost importance for lasting impact. WiFi analytics is essential for businesses that desire to capture customer data such as location and dwell time to make necessary adjustments. Captive portal will help you to engage with users in due time.
Analytic insights facilitate the creation of added value for your brand. WiFi analytics on visitor preferences, visit frequency and dwell time allow for enhanced engagement through personalized content. Highly-targeted marketing campaigns based on WiFi analytics ranging from mobile push notifications and e-mail marketing to location-based notifications are successful examples of guest communication tools. Tailored content built upon specialized information such as profile, social interests, date, and location is delivered for a unique user experience on different platforms such as splash pages. Tracking visitor profiles enriches your business customer database by seizing new data.  Guest WiFi analytics can also be utilized on access points to reward visitors with special offers.

Is Starling Guest WiFi compatible with GDPR?

IPERA acknowledges the right of customers to access their collected personal information, amendment of inaccurate or incomplete data as well as their erasure in line with the relative articles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Residents of the EU have the related right to request full transparency relating to the collected data as well as copies of their personal information.
IPERA, as a Guest WiFi provider, complies with the GDPR, which regulates data privacy in Europe. Therefore, it essentially puts control of personal data in the hands of individual users.
Information on device type, operating system or browser, IP address, amount of traffic, etc. are collected on customers’ behalf when guest WiFi solutions are used. IPERA gathers and aggregates merely anonymous data in reports drafted for its customers. Location data is collected only from connected devices in order to monitor paid visits to guest access venues. The collection of such information supports IPERA to enhance user experience if users have opted to accept tailored informational communication. As IPERA customers may choose to operate the portal on their own or opt for delivery of online services on their behalf, processing of collected information on customer engagement falls under their respective privacy policies.

Guest WiFi GDPR Compliance