05 Sep 2019

IPERA Guest Wi-Fi Portal is Now Enabled with BLE Beacons Bluetooth V5.0

The new release IPERA Guest Wi-Fi & Engagement Portal is now compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 enabled BLE BeaconsWe’re happy to introduce the newest IPERA Guest Wi-Fi & Engagement software update – the very fist solution that integrates with BLE Beacons with Bluetooth v5.0BLE Beacons are…

IPERA and Cisco Systems were selected as the partners providing Guest Experience, Analytics & Engagement solutions by Miral and Farah Experiences. The solution enables Miral to collect Guest and Location Analytics data using Guest Wi-Fi and BLE Beacons that is used for better customer engagement and operations optimization

New York, U.S.A | Sep 5, 2019

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