12 Sep 2019

IPERA Introduces STARLING, The Brand Building Platform That Maximizes Value from Existing Guest Wi-Fi

IPERA Solutions, the service provider for Advanced Guest Wi-Fi platform introduces Starling to boost brands awareness across retail, hospitality, healthcare and restaurant chains. IPERA Starling offers cloud-based Guest Wi-Fi, Analytics, Marketing using the existing Wi-Fi network, boosting guest experience and increasing the overall guest engagement.

Next Generation Guest Wi-Fi Platform Starling name was influenced by the movement of group of Starling birds that are both agile and flexible to adapt to the changes while providing unique experience from different angles. Starling is the name for the IPERA’s Guest Wi-Fi and Mobile Engagement platform that consist the following features

Advanced Guest Wi-Fi platform – Guest Wi-Fi portal that enhances venue experience for better guest engagement through Wi-Fi & BLE based location analytics, built-in marketing and customer engagement tools

Quick Surveys – Starling collects customers’ valuable information each time they visit your venue. The information is used for better engagement and targeted marketing purposes

Mobile Engagement – Mobile App SDK integration that provides brands option to increase mobile engagement through Wi-Fi and BLE Beacons. Mobile Engagement offers both App Wi-Fi Login as well as proximity marketing functions. In addition, IPERA provides mobile Wayfinding

MailChimp Engagement – Venues that utilize Mailchimp as mailing, newsletter and engagement tool can benefit by posting the guest data from Starling platform to Mailchimp Lists

CRM Engagement – Venues that has CRM such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. can simply push the guest demographics, location analytics and visitor behavior data from Starling platform with CRM Database

Wi-Fi Privacy & GDPR – The Starling is now fully compliant with European Union customer privacy policy regulations

New York, U.S.A, Sep 12, 2018

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