07 May 2020

IPERA Releases Occupancy Monitor, Social Distancing and Contact Tracing App

(7 May 2020 | New York) In response to combat COVID-19, IPERA has added Occupancy Monitoring, Limit Management, Social Distancing App and People Counters functionality on its Starling Location Analytics & Engagement platform that helps offices and businesses meet government guidelines in order to return back to work. We utilize technologies around WiFi Footfall, BLE Beacons, Ultra wide-band and 3D Camera sensors

COVID-19 pandemic is having a disrupted impact on health of world citizens and economy. Governments are slowly opening up businesses to limit further COVID-19 disruption. While returning back at workplaces, businesses needs to meet government occupancy limits and other COVID-19 regulations in order to ensure safety of employees as well as visitors

Many of our clients and partners from various industries have contacted our consultants recently to enable IPERA Starling Location Analytics services that can help limit COVID-19 disruption. Together with our ecosystem partners, we have added intelligence into Starling Guest Experience & Analytics platform to monitor and manage venue occupancy limits. We have embedded those intelligent features on IPERA Starling platform and released on IPERA cloud to help our customers across malls, hotels, enterprises, workplaces, banks, governments, supermarkets, museums, airports, theme parks, schools and venues in order to ensure safety to their employees and visitors. The platform supports APIs and ready to consume HTML files that can reflect occupancy status on your digital platforms including Web pages, Mobile App, Digital Screens and Hotel / Hospital IPTV & Guest Entertainment systems.


New York, United States of America, May 7th, 2020

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