17 Feb 2023
2 min read

Your Company Can Afford the Cost of Leaving Phones Unanswered?

Have you ever considered the cost of your employees being unable to answer incoming calls? This cost is not limited to the expense of advertising to ensure that calls are answered. There are many hidden costs, such as reduced efficiency caused by business disruption, lost sales opportunities, and damage to the company’s reputation, which has been built through countless efforts.

It may not be easy to calculate this cost, but it is not difficult to measure whether phones are answered or not. But it is always surprising that even companies that constantly invest in technology do nothing about it. When we make a conversation with managers about its reasons, we noticed a few misconceptions are causing it.

Firstly, the belief that missed calls are normal and unavoidable in office settings leads to the misconception that no improvement can be made in this regard. While it is unrealistic to expect employees to answer every call immediately, as they may be occupied with meetings, customer visits, or other important tasks, the cost of missed calls cannot be ignored. Although it may be inevitable that some calls will go unanswered, it is still possible to reduce the cost of missed calls by promptly returning them. Therefore, companies can minimize the impact of missed calls on their business.

On the other hand, the issue tends to worsen when there is no analysis to measure call-answering performance. Without analysis and feedback, employee negligence can also be added to missed calls due to unavoidable circumstances. As an IPERA, we have constantly faced the sentence “whoever has a job will call again anyway”.

Furthermore, problems arised from the phone system can also cause call loss. IPERA has encountered various problems that lead to missed calls at some companies. Some of the most common issues include the insufficient capacity of the announcement system, failure to divert calls of employees who are on leave, inadequate subscriber allocation to call groups, and the lack of any subscribers at times. These problems may undetected and grow over time if the performance of responding to incoming calls is not analyzed.

In conclusion, missed calls can significantly negatively impact a company’s reputation, efficiency, and sales opportunities. While it may be challenging to calculate the exact cost of missed calls, it is essential to measure call-answering performance and promptly address any phone system problems. Companies must understand that missed calls are not inevitable and take proactive steps to reduce their impact. By partnering with a call analysis company like IPERA, companies can gain valuable insights into their call performance and take steps to minimize the impact of missed calls on their business.

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