People Tracking

People Tracking Technology

The Healthcare industry is among the key sectors in which people tracking technology is utilized for several purposes. Places like psychiatric institutions and retirement homes benefit from people tracking technology to a great extent. In these spaces, patients are tracked and traced through wearable beacons. Integration of combined technologies such as GPS also facilitates the process. Contributions of real-time people locating systems are not restricted to this purpose. Indoor tracking systems are also used for the management of indoor navigation. To achieve this, Bluetooth beacon trackers are set up and BLE nodes are placed in a virtual grid in the target venues. After this configuration, Bluetooth beacons are registered to the system to ensure constant data flow.

Patient Tracking & Safety

The physical position of people can be tracked in real-time through proximity data. Different technologies are currently being applied in hospitals, nursing or childcare facilities that require identification of people’s location. This allows patients to be tracked in hospital settings with enhanced safety precautions. Thus, patients’ security is maintained in closely monitored zones. Digital notifications of these systems enable close scrutiny of patients’ treatments and immediate action for individuals needing urgent care. Setting up the conditions of the notification system is extremely important for low-risk and high-risk patients. Another benefit of people tracking technology in healthcare institutions is monitoring the availability of rooms at any given time. This technology also increases the efficiency of operational functions for healthcare professionals and service providers.

Hospital IOT

Staff or Employee Attendance

People tracking technology provides multi-purpose solutions. Tracing staff members or employees ensure smooth work schedules and attendance and provides insights about employee footfall & heatmaps. It enhances the quality and delivery standards of services and promotes increased productivity. Personnel tracking & attendance systems make the online monitoring of operations across various departments possible, helping a crucial factor to be reinforced in workspaces: Time management. By doing so, employee tracking technology helps save on time and costs. This technology does not only work to the advantage of employers. Employees can also benefit from beacon technologies to identify the location of their co-workers, especially in large office premises. This specific function also advances the efficiency of operations.

IoT Nurse Tracking

Nurse tracking technology allows large hospitals and clinics to ensure their patients are attended timely. Nurse IoT Wearable technology increases hospital services and improves clinic services and nurse safety by generating security alerts using buttons on IoT Wearables.  Automated notifications can be set for nurses late attending patient wards and rooms on a specific schedule.

IOT Nurse Tracking
IOT for Smart Offices

IoT People Tracking

IoT can be defined as a network of objects connected to the internet that can be remotely monitored and controlled through other devices that are also connected to the internet. This is made possible by a constant data flow between these devices. Tracking and tracing solutions can be utilized on IoT (Internet of Things) to locate people in indoor and outdoor settings. This technology enables reading GPS (Global Position System) data from the sensors of mobile devices. Using GPS trackers through satellite-regulated positioning is greatly useful when it is crucial to quickly reach vulnerable people like children, older adults or high-risk patients in emergencies. The hectic environment of crowded places such as large shopping malls can easily confuse visitors. Location approval solutions are developed to help visitors to navigate these spaces easily. People tracking technology also allows parents to identify the location of their children. Consequently, such devices create a safe environment through location positioning technology.

People & Personnel Safety

Distress call on BLE Beacon Wearables helps to improve housekeeping and facility personnel safety and other vulnerable people that may need assistance in any unexpected event. The button, when pressed, generates automated digital alerts informing the building security team instantly with the real-time location information of the initiator for tracking and locating. Hotels, malls, airports, entertainment venues, and hospitals benefit from indoor IoT services to ensure the safety of their personnel.

IOT Housekeeping Safety
Visitor Management with IOT and BLE

Visitor Management and Tracking

Enterprises can utilize IoT and BLE Wearables to enhance guest and visitor management. The reception and Information desk provides BLE Wearables for each visitor, and the system can track their locations for both analytics and safety purposes. Any prohibited location entry generates a geo-fencing alert for both visitor and security personnel