Social WiFi

Increase your Social presence

Guest WiFi plays a great role to help small business and large enterprises to get visible on social network.

Your customers spread word of mouth and your brand gets known by their friends

Social WiFi

Engage with your customers through social network

Your customers get easy and fast WiFi login. You increase your brand’s social visibility in return. Your brand gets visible to friends of your customers on social network.

What Is Social WiFi?

Guest WiFi solutions continue to have an increasing role in marketing and strategic communication campaigns, enabling businesses to fine-tune their strategies according to WiFi analytics. Through guest WiFi solutions, businesses are given the opportunity to reach out to broader and segmented audiences, while customers have easy and fast access to WiFi networks at a variety of venues through captive portals. This allows brands to increase their visibility on social networks.

Social WiFi works with customers’ social profiles, enabling engagement with users upon login. It requires customers to log into a social network account, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok, to access a free internet connection. Customer data is gathered during this process, with the necessary permission given through account settings. This collected data comprises details such as name, demographics, or e-mail addresses to sketch customer profiles. This information provides deep and valuable insights on customers’ interactions on said social network platforms.

This valuable data capture is used for marketing purposes by businesses to enhance their brand’s social visibility and customer experience. WiFi analytics gathered through this system is currently being used by many private businesses and public institutions, including retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, airports and governments.

When customers opt-in to use a guest WiFi network, they are welcomed by various marketing tools, including special offers and coupons. These customized incentives that specifically target the analyzed user profile exacerbate user engagement and loyalty. Businesses that utilize social WiFi marketing drive up their revenue due to increased foot traffic, prolonged visits, and fewer resources spent per customer.


How It Works?

Social WiFi enables customers to connect your WiFi securely through their social profile

You get to know about their likes and follows and increase your brand’s social visibility

Ideal for retail stores, cafes & restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, theme parks, governments and finance









Social WiFi Marketing

In today’s highly digitalized world, customers are motivated through the right tools to take action. Social WiFi marketing and WiFi landing pages are among the means to prompt engagement. In addition, guest WiFi networks are accessible from various mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Captive portals help to collect and store customer data, which in turn helps businesses understand customer behavior. Companies use databases acquired through WiFi analytics of customer profiles as marketing tools. Social WiFi marketing can be used for many purposes, such as increasing the download of your mobile business applications. Reserved spaces for advertising activities can be linked to special events, products like gift cards, or personalized offers. Many businesses are also advocating their customer loyalty programs through social WiFi networks.

Retail chains or service providers increasingly use automated marketing campaigns to deliver tailor-made messages upon customers’ first entry to a guest WiFi network. These messages can be modified to simply include feedback, a special coupon, or a plain thank you. This action intends to strengthen customer loyalty. Lower operating costs are the longer-term benefit. Exclusive promotions or in-store notifications can also drive up sales.

How Can Social WiFi Help My Business?

Free WiFi solutions utilize tools for advanced customer experience, improved marketing, and operations. WiFi analytics and social WiFi marketing can boost businesses. For example, you can let your customers learn about your social media presence and request an interaction on a WiFi landing page, referred to as the captive portal. Customized captive portals offer unique and effortless ways to construct a comprehensive user database for business owners.

Captive portals are used in accessing guest WiFi networks. Users are redirected to captive portals upon logging into social WiFi platforms. Login options through social media accounts appeal to users who do not prefer spending time typing requested information. Instead, necessary login details are provided through automated login processes from social networks. The use of social media platforms for logging into WiFi networks can also be incentivized with additional offers. Guest WiFi landing pages can be customized in line with the needs and desires of businesses. Several features can be integrated into captive portals to advance customer engagement.

Collecting detailed information through WiFi analytics provides opportunities for automated marketing endeavors. Carefully designed captive portals hold the potential to facilitate brand loyalty. Consistent branding leads to engagement across a vast network of online channels. For example, maintaining brand visibility with a prominent logo and recognized brand colors on WiFi landing pages can bring added value to your business. Customer loyalty and brand confidence are the by-products of brand consistency that help companies to stand out in competitive environments.  Many business decisions aim to optimize future operations. Therefore, not using landing pages can cost massive amounts of money to businesses.

The Benefits of Social Logins

Guest WiFi solutions integrated with captive portals capture customers’ personal details and attention. Different login options through social media accounts ensure higher brand visibility. Opportunities for better advertising and marketing campaigns are present on landing pages. Customers’ experience on such platforms can also be enhanced through social login. Faster login options simplified through social media accounts render the user experience relatively simple.

Social network logins present benefits, including social promotion and better-targeted marketing campaigns. Businesses can use captive portals to announce special deals, present links to their mobile applications or social media platforms, ask for concrete feedback, or publish customized content. Although depending on individual private settings, social network logins also allow gathering customer data on various parameters through WiFi analytics. For example, collecting user information on age, gender, nationality, etc., enables the development of targeted marketing campaigns.  Marketing strategies built on data have been proven to be far more successful.

Is Social WiFi compatible with GDPR?

As personal data is processed through Social WiFi, customers obtain data protection rights through General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The EU Regulation on processing, protection, and free movement of personal data is in effect to ensure no individual is harmed. Social WiFi solutions are in full conformity with the legal regulations of GDPR. Terms of service across the platforms are by these amendments. Social WiFi services and relevant marketing communication practices are safeguarded through the implementation of legal requirements set in GDPR. This makes service providers who adhere to GDPR data processing agreements commit to certain obligations. For example, notifying the users of private information being collected and stored on their behalf is required.