19 Sep 2019
3 min read

All You Need to Know About Wi-Fi Marketing

Finding new customers for your business may be a challenge. A powerful Wi-Fi Marketing tool can help to engage better with your existing customers, which benefits your business without spending large sum of marketing budget. Guest Wi-Fi plays a great role for service industries to deliver context-aware and location based messages

WiFi marketing is a term used for delivering your marketing messages to customers that connected to Free Guest Wi-Fi in a business venue or smart city concept.

It is an innovative concept that is being adapted for businesses that needs to provide free and good quality guest wi-fi service

How it works?

While your customers login using Free Guest Wi-Fi, in return you build a customer database with their demographics, social likes and other preferences.

You deliver your context-aware marketing messages in simple ways;

Proximity marketing – delivering targeted messages based on your customers behavior, demographics, frequency of visit and preferences.

Social Marketing – by enabling social login options on your splash portal, your guests are given an option to post a message on their social network profile which helps to increase social visibility for your brand.

Campaigns – Engaging with your customers that have not visited

Who needs it?

Any venue that needs to engage with their customers get benefits from IPERA Starling Wi-Fi Marketing tools including shopping malls, hotels, restaurants & cafes, retail stores, airports and smart cities

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