08 Dec 2023
5 min read

The Role of WiFi & Indoor Wayfinding in Modern Supermarkets

The Role of WiFi & Indoor Wayfinding in Modern Supermarkets

In the fast world of modern supermarkets, the shopping experience is evolving with the integration of technology. As you know, consumers are inseparable from their smartphones, expecting seamless connectivity even in their local supermarkets. Smartphones can transform the shopping experience, acting as indispensable assistants for creating shopping lists and comparing prices on the fly. Shoppers can leverage apps to access advantages and plan their purchases, ensuring an efficient and informed experience. This digital integration redefines the retail landscape, catering to the modern shopper’s need for convenience and information at their fingertips.

WiFi and indoor wayfinding contribute significantly to enhancing this experience, making it smarter and more connected for both retailers and consumers. But how?

To enhance the omnichannel shopping experience, with digital maps and indoor location solutions for major retailers, it offers a comprehensive set of features. Digital maps of all stores are updated, ensuring accuracy with accuracy and high-performance indoor experiences. Shoppers connecting to the supermarket’s wifi network benefit from real-time location tracking with a “product locator” on a map, guiding them to the right products. Personalized, store-based offers are delivered through geofencing to customers, boosting loyalty.

The integration of WiFi & Indoor Wayfinding to Supermarkets goes beyond traditional maps, addressing the complexity of retail environments with multiple floors and stores. The system ensures outstanding accuracy. It seamlessly transitions between indoor environments, directing users not only within stores but also towards stairs, elevators, and even other buildings.

WiFi & Indoor Wayfinding Technology for Operational Efficiency

To further elevate the omnichannel experience, the system allows customers to build shopping lists digitally, optimizing their route for increased basket size. Additionally, targeted recommendations based on geolocation enhance the shopping journey through upsells and cross-sells.

Besides, WiFi & Indoor Wayfinding technology extend its benefits to the retail workforce, empowering employees with real-time access to product and inventory data. Thus, stock pickers fulfilling online orders benefit from dynamic wayfinding and fastest-path routings, increasing order fulfillment by 20%.

In-store navigation aids employees in locating items efficiently, even offline, with live alerts for low-stock products. The solution enriches shopper profiles with location analytics, providing insights into movement paths and dwell times within the store and contributing to a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

As a scalable and future-proof solution, IPERA WiFi & Indoor Wayfinding software solution allows for the instant creation and updating of thousands of maps, adapting to the evolving needs of businesses. Retailers can harness the power of existing WiFi Networks to drive profitability, improve operational efficiency, and deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

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