We’re IPERA, the Technology Company

We help enterprises unlock the power of physical locations with an AI-driven application suite.

IPERA is a software company with a focus on digitizing physical spaces. It provides a cloud-based platform for customer engagement that enhances the guest experience, offers visitor footfall analytics, and delivers indoor tracking & IoT solutions for physical spaces.

IPERA was founded in 2004 and has deployed solutions in over 1,000+ venues. It sells its products and services through global channel partners, distributors, and service providers

What We Do

We simplify the lives of businesses and marketers by providing the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible, and proven indoor location services platform to increase revenues and reduce costs, by helping physical spaces to thrive. That’s about creating a seamless and immersive experience that captivates users from the moment they are WiFi connected.

Some use case applications include guest WiFi management, tiered bandwidth, WiFi marketing automation, people counting, building occupancy monitoring, space utilization, employee attendance, visitor presence, indoor mobile wayfinding, and indoor people & asset tracking. IPERA platform by utilizing existing WiFi, BLE Beacons, and indoor IoT & Sensors infrastructure, improves digital customer experience, delivering unique use-cases for hospitality, retail, shopping centers, healthcare, airports, gyms, café & restaurants, stadiums, smart cities, and workplaces.

Empowering thousands of businesses globally

IPERA: Transforming Businesses with Innovative Software Solutions

IPERA develops, markets, and sells software solutions across North America, Europe, the Middle East & Africa. With over 1,000 global references, provides solutions around Guest WiFi Analytics, Indoor Mapping & Wayfinding & IoT Services.

Navigating the Future: IPERA Digital Mapping & Navigation Technologies

IPERA also enables location-based services such as digital mapping, navigation, location tracking, geofencing, and powerful location-based analytics. We work with major customers in retail, healthcare, smart workplace, retail, and aviation sectors.

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IPERA’s Enterprise Suite: From Call Accounting to IPV Solutions

IPERA also develops Enterprise Communication Suite applications that provide Call Accounting, Reporting, Employee Productivity, and Call Recording as well as Hospitality Digital Signage and IPV Solutions.

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Market Segments

Airports & Transport

Guest WiFi Management, Indoor Navigation - Passenger Experience, Engagement, Mobile Wayfinding, Asset Tracking, Baggage Tracking, Call Accounting, Call Recording, IVR, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage

Contact Centers

ACD Reports, Agent Skill Based Report Analysis, Failed Calls Detection, Resource Analysis, Quality Management and Customer Collaboration


Unified Communications, Wayfinding, Student Communication Signage System, School WiFi Management Solutions


Telecom Expense Management, Digital Signage, Guest WiFi Management

Financial Services

Fast Track WiFi Solutions, Telecom Expense Management, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage


Telecom Life-Cycle Management, Call Accounting, Digital Signage, Guest WiFi Management


Patient Experience, Patient Entertainment, Medical Asset Tracking, Nurse Performance Monitoring & Attendance, Patient Billing, HIS Posting, Wayfinding & Directory Kiosk, Patient Check-in, WiFi Analytics, IP-TV


Guest WiFi Management, Tiered Bandwidth, Event WiFi Management, Indoor Navigation, Child Tracking, IPTV & Guest Entertainment, Wayfinding & Directory Kiosk, Call Accounting, IP-TV, Hotel Mobile App

Service Providers

Managed Guest WiFi, Multi-Tenant Call Accounting, Customer Communication & Collaboration Kiosk Collaboration Solutions, Multi-Tenant SaaS Guest WiFi Solution

Retail & Shopping Centers

Guest WiFi Management, Tiered Bandwidth, Event WiFi Management, Indoor Navigation, Child Tracking, People Counting, IPTV & Guest Entertainment, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage

Smart Cities

Public WiFi Experience, WiFi Bandwidth Management, Visitor Flow Analytics, Mobile Engagement, People Counting, Facility Personnel Productivity Monitoring, Indoor & Outdoor Navigation, Digital Kiosk


Public WiFi Experience, WiFi Bandwidth Management, Visitor Flow Analytics, Mobile Engagement, Child Tracking, Facility Personnel Productivity Monitoring, Indoor Navigation, Digital Kiosk, Digital Signage

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Istanbul, Turkey

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  • +90 (212) 267 41 28 / 38

Dubai, UAE

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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